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Comic-Con 2011: Doc and Dan get totally 'Lost' with Damon and Carlton

Lost might have ended one year ago, but not all’s, well, lost. Not only did EW team-up with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof for Comic-Con’s Lost: One Year Later panel, but the duo stopped by EW’s VIP lounge to talk about the dearly departed series and the “deleted” scene they premiered during the panel. As for their Twitter feud? Says Lindelof, “We do loathe each other, but the Twitter feud was a joke.” Click the jump to hear Lindelof and Cuse talk with EW’s Dan Snierson and Doc Jensen about their Comic-Con experience, whether they’ll be back from more Lost-centered panels in the future, and what we can expect from a Lost: Turn Off the Island musical.

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