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Comic-Con 2011: Did the fans like their first looks at 'Spider-Man' and 'Total Recall' reboots?

Would the new Spider-Man be truly Amazing? That was one of the big questions for the fans who packed into Comic-Con’s Hall H for the Sony Pictures panel, which debuted first looks at The Amazing Spider-Man; the Total Recall remake; and the Ghost Rider sequel, Spirit of Vengeance. So what was the verdict? Well, one small Spidey fan told EW’s Darren Franich that “the effects were amazing” – so it would appear mission: accomplished for her, at least.

The famed web-slinger wasn’t the only one in the Comic-Con hot seat, however. How would Colin Farrell fare taking the lead in Total Recall in a role once played by Arnold Schwarzenegger? And how would the fans take to Nicolas Cage returning to Ghost Rider’s hellacious hog, especially since the first film wasn’t precisely well-received? Check out the video below to find out! 

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