Kate Ward
July 23, 2011 AT 07:35 PM EDT

Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada has helped Marvel Entertainment go a long way. It wasn’t too long ago that the company had filed for Chapter 11. But now, after Marvel paired with Disney and watched many of its superheroes hit the big-screen, the company is stronger than ever. “I rememer as a kid in college or high school reading about great American success stories, corporate success stories, and I can acfually say I’ve been part of one now,” Quesada told EW’s Darren Franich nearby Comic-Con’s Avengers set-up on the convention floor. “From where we started to where we are today, it’s been a hell of a ride.” Click the jump to watch Quesada — who just wrapped ten years as Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief — talk about reviving the company and all the superhero flicks in theaters. (You can thank Marvel’s X-Men for that!)


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