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Kyle Anderson
July 25, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

It has been over four years since Leslie Feist, one of Canada’s most beloved aughties-indie exports, dropped The Reminder, her breakout album aided by the colorful iPod-ad-assisted phenomenon “1234.”

Now she’s is back with a new album called Metals, and today she announced that it will be hitting store shelves both real and virtual on October 4. The album’s 12 songs were co-produced by Feist, Chilly Gonzales, and Dominic Mocky Salole (her longtime partners in crime) and multi-talented Icelander Valgeir Sigurosson (who has worked on a number of different projects, including Bjork’s Medulla).

She’ll be uploading video previews on her official site leading up to the release of the album, and in the one featured after the jump, you can see her and her collaborators working through one of the new tunes.

Based on the few seconds of new music (as well as a preview that a handful of EW staffers attended last week), the new album promises to advance many of the elements that made The Reminder such a winning release.

At first listen, it may have felt a bit slight, but repeated spins revealed oodles of hooks, mountains of subtle ambient flourishes and, of course, Feist’s winning combination of dreamy romanticism and existential dread (she’s basically the Canadian Charlotte Gainsbourg, except without the creepy childhood and the Lars Von Trier rape fantasies).

Are you looking forward to her new album? Let us know in the comments. Also, enjoy the Sesame Street version of “1234,” because it’s monster-tastic.


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