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Adrianne Curry says this skimpy costume got her kicked out of Comic-Con -- PHOTO

Former America’s Next Top Model and VH1 reality star Adrianne Curry says she got kicked off the Comic-Con convention floor for being a bit too cheeky. Seems Curry’s Aeon Flux costume annoyed police during her booth signing because, unlike Charlize Theron’s big-screen version of the character, it was semi-bottomless.

“Just got stopped by a ton of cops,” she Tweeted. “My costume is illegal … the butt … sigh … cops r making … me leave immediatly after my signing… Apparently the San Diego police are unfamiliar with a screen accurate version of Aeon Flux.” Hm, we’re skeptical, we’ve seen similarly risque costumes around Comic-Con, but hey, this story ain’t exactly Watergate – here’s the costume (from the front):

Image Credit: Tweeted by Curry.

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Originally posted July 26 2011 — 3:24 PM EDT

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