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Aly Semigran
July 28, 2011 AT 05:49 PM EDT

While the majority of young men and women fudge the numbers on their own sexual scorecards (“The rule of three” or otherwise), if you’re on TV, you’re pretty much, ahem, screwed, as anyone can keep tabs on your bedroom conquests.

So the gang from Friends better have no shame: SplitSider.com just conducted a study that tracked all of their action from all ten seasons. In one decade, all six friends collectively racked up 85 sexual partners (with 57 in the first four seasons alone, proving once and for all, if you dress like it’s 1994, you are going to score)! While the final results for each character were not at all surprising — Joey scored the most, Chandler the least — the numbers were. Not taking into account all the women he bedded off-screen, in ten years, Joey was not doin’ so well, only getting it on with 17 ladies (fellow NYC man whore HIMYM‘s Barney Stinson truly puts him to shame, no?)

The final tally found Joey with 17, Ross (really?!) and Phoebe following not far behind with 16, Rachel with 14, Monica with 13, and lastly, Chandler with 9. (Characters that multiple members of the Friends clan slept with — Kathy, Charlie, Janice, Chip — are counted twice.) The study also notes that Rachel is categorically the least promiscuous of the bunch (even if she does inadvertently wear lingerie out to dinner with Josh-shwa and his parents one night), as more than 70 percent of her partners were men with whom she was in a committed relationship.

While it’s pretty scientific (they’ve got a chart and everything), some points are rather debatable: We’re not sure how far Rachel went when she hooked up with college pal Melissa (guest star Winona Ryder) and does Roger (Monica’s bizarro world boyfriend) even count if he’s not technically real? If that’s the case we should have two tallies for Chandler: One for him and the other for Ms. Chanandler Bong.

Are you surprised by these results, PopWatchers? Did you think Joey was getting way more action, too? Which other shows would you love to find out the sexual stats for? Sex and the City? True Blood? Golden Girls? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll consider doing some tallying.

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