Mandi Bierly
July 29, 2011 AT 02:44 PM EDT

In the great tradition of “find the most awkward place to do an interview” comes the new web series, 7 Minutes in Heaven, in which host Mike O’Brien (a Saturday Night Live writer) chats with a celebrity in a closet. The series debuted simultaneously today on YouTube, Hulu, and, and for the next few weeks, we’ll get a new episode every Friday.

Kristen Wiig’s turn in the closet is a must-watch. Not only do we get to hear how she was injured on The Joe Schmo Show, we get to see her do “closet theater,” and pretend she and O’Brien are looking for her favorite dress (which he has sold for drugs). Other interviews online today include Elijah Wood (who talks about being a breast man and reads from a fake Hobbit script) and Andy Cohen (who shares a story about the first time he got drunk, took off his boxers to vomit in them, and tossed them out the window). Watch all three interviews below. And yes, each episode ends with O’Brien trying to kiss the person. 

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