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July 29, 2011 AT 05:20 PM EDT

And you thought there was no Santa! Well it’s Christmas in July for Fabio fans (all, ummm, six of you) who have been gifted with not one, but two sightings of the Italian stallion this week. After the new Old Spice Guy went pec-to-pec with old Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa, Fabio turned up on the weather forecast of a CBS affiliate in Portland, Ore. Other than the trademark wind blowing through his silken locks, it was hot, hot, hot. See the full sun-thanking, Canada-apologizing, rain-casting clip after the jump.

So what was your favorite part, Popwatchers? When Fabio says the sun feels good on his skin? Or perhaps the moment when he flirtatiously urges you to “snuggle up with the man of your dreams… maybe even Fabio?” You have to appreciate his commitment to driving Mustafa into the ground, one-upping the old Old Spice Guy’s three-day forecast with a seven-day one worthy of Fabio’s bulging biceps and tree-trunk thighs. Share your thoughts about this not-so-seamless transition between the two spokeshunks.

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