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July 29, 2011 AT 01:00 PM EDT

Ah, Project Runway. It’s back. Here’s my full recap of the season 9 premiere. I rarely seem to agree with the judges’ top three picks, so one contestant’s post-panel comment stood out to me. After the quiet but perhaps deadly perfectionist Danielle was announced as part of the dreaded middling Safe Group, she muttered, “That’s, like… not good enough.”

For some reason, more than ever, last night’s show left me wanting at least some acknowledgment of all the work that went into the “safe” pile of garments. What a terrible beast that safe pile is! A clown is puking rainbows into a toilet if you look closely enough. (No, really, that’s true.) I understand that time constraints don’t allow for all four judges to discuss everyone, but don’t you sometimes wish there was a DVR button that would prompt Heidibot to chirp out even just a throwaway comment mirroring whatever you’re thinking? “THIS IS A FUN AND COOL DRESS!” for example. That’d be great! It’d sound perfect in monotone, too.

It’s too early to single out some of the middling designs as season faves, but three safe-pile looks I liked last night came from (pictured, left to right) Fallene, Danielle, and Cecilia (despite the janky skirt length).

Are your favorite looks often in the middle of the pack? Or do I just have terrible taste? No, no, it’s fine. You can tell me! We are all our own people!

“I’m horrified.”

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Are you in or are you out for ‘Runway’ season 9?

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