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August 01, 2011 AT 08:37 PM EDT

Shark Week is well underway, rendering us incapable of talking about anything else besides Shark Week (not to mention royally screwing up our plans to go to the beach). But we still decided now would be as good a time as any to recall our favorite fearsome underwater beasts in pop culture — granted we haven’t seen Shark Night 3D yet, but we’re guessing those will be pretty jaw-esome as well. Check out our list below, and don’t forget to bring a swimming buddy! 

Bruce the Shark from Jaws

The end-all, be-all of pop culture sharks has kept movie fans planted firmly in front of their couches and out of the water for 36 years. (Heck, he’s even got his own frightening theme song!) You can tell yourself it’s a fake great white all you want, but re-watch the horror classic anytime over the summer (the opening scene, in particular, which you can check out below through your fingers) and a trip to the beach will sound about as fun as losing a limb.

The other Bruce the Shark, from Finding Nemo

Remember, “Fish are friends. Not food!”

Land Shark from Saturday Night Live

If Shark Week has taught us anything, it’s that the monsters of the deep are some tricky, crafty creatures. Of course, SNL‘s Land Shark didn’t use the most cunning of techniques, so much as knocking on your door and repeatedly claiming not to be the Land Shark. Hey, you gotta stick with what works!

The shark that kills Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea

Since there are no words, just watch:


Just like Nemo‘s Bruce, Jabberjaw is out to prove not all sharks are terrifying. This animated shark had the comedic stylings of a Catskills comic, played drums in a band, and had wacky underwater adventures from 1976 to 1978. Okay, maybe that is sort of scary, after all.

Honorable mentions: The Sharks from West Side Story, The Little Mermaid shark, Dinoshark vs. Sharktopus (take your pick, both rule!), Jaws 19 shark from Back to the Future: Part 2 (fictitious, but infinitely better than actual Jaws 3D), the Open Water sharks, Don Lino (Robert DeNiro) in Shark Tale, Megaladon from Shark Attack 3 and the shark VV Brown keeps singing about.

Figurative shark bonus: Buddy Akerman (Kevin Spacey) in Swimming with Sharks

What’s your favorite famous shark, PopWatchers? Let us know! We won’t bite.

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