Mandi Bierly
August 02, 2011 AT 06:05 PM EDT

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and her chosen one, J.P. Rosenbaum, visited Good Morning America earlier today to confirm that they will never be able to sit more than an inch apart ever again for fear that someone will think their relationship won’t last. Watch the interview below. J.P. says Ashley is going to finish school at Penn, move to New York, find a place to live with him, get a job, and, once they’re settled, they’ll talk about having a wedding as early as fall 2012.

J.P. also said Ashley did a good job of preparing him for what he’d watch her do with other men on the show. “That’s one thing she did extremely well,” he said. “We talked about it before, we talked about it after. All my concerns she addressed. She was completely reassuring and comforting. She was wonderful throughout all of it.”

The couple maintained that J.P. and Ashley’s sister, who told them J.P. wasn’t the man for Ashley immediately after meeting him, are now best buddies. “Come on,” Robin Roberts said doubtfully. But I buy that: If you learn to like someone after initially disliking them, you like them even more than you would have if you’d been a fan from the start because you feel guilty. (I call this the Vincent D’Onofrio Effect.) Reminded that Bachelor/Bachelorette fans are skeptics, and rightfully so, Ashley said, “We’re gonna prove them wrong.” Added J.P., “This is something special.”

Think they’ll make it?

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