Darren Franich
August 02, 2011 AT 08:52 PM EDT

Was your interest piqued during Comic-Con by the surreal first look at Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt? Well then prepare to be triple-piqued: The trailer for Twixt has arrived online, and it is three minutes and thirty seconds of pure WTF-ery. Val Kilmer plays a writer who writes books about witches. In a small town, he meets a local lawman played by Bruce Dern — who you no doubt remember as the dude who shot John Wayne in The Cowboys. Dern spins a story about local serial murders, and also claims the town is haunted. Elle Fanning appears to Kilmer in a dream. Tom Waits is narrating. I think I saw Edgar Allen Poe. And the whole thing climaxes with a true hall-of-fame line of dialogue: “What are vampires, but witches that suck blood?” Truer words were never spoken. Watch and ponder:

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