Darren Franich
August 04, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Jeff and Jordan, Brendon and Rachel; the twin Veteran couples have reigned over this season of Big Brother with an iron fist, winning challenges and picking off the Newbies one-by-one. But tonight, one of the Big Brother showmances will be torn asunder. Brendon and Jordan are sitting on the block — Jordan was nominated as a pawn after Brendon used his power of veto to rescue his lady love, Rachel. I’m betting that Brendon is on his way home — Jordan is, to all signs, one of the most adorably lovable players in the Big Brother game. Brenchel, for all their gameplay strength, have proven themselves to be awful campaigners when their backs are up against the wall. So the bigger question is: How will Rachel react to a Brendon-free existence? UPDATE: It’s official! The votes are in, and a new houseguest has been sent packing. To find out who’s going home, read on…(SPOILERS FOLLOW)

Brendon promised to sacrifice himself for his fiancee…and he did! The houseguests voted to eliminate him by a wide 5-2 margin. But he might not be out of the game for long — Julie Chen officially announced the new twist, which will see all of the eliminated houstemates competing next week to return to the house. Nobody puts Bukie in a corner!

Big Brother fans, sad to see Brendon go? Who would you like to see return next week? My vote is Cassi — she showed lots of potential, and just had the misfortune of allying herself with the Regulators (wahh-wahhh).

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