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August 04, 2011 AT 04:50 PM EDT

When Jason Bateman starred in his first movie, Teen Wolf Too, he was but a fresh-faced young whippersnapper making his move from the small screen to feature films. Since then, he’s gone on to garner critical and popular acclaim in Arrested Development, Juno, and State of Play, to name a few. On last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, though, Bateman admitted he’d had some career lowlights — Teen Wolf Too among them. Fallon decided to give Bateman a do-over for one scene from the 1987 film. See the full clip after the jump.

Looking as studly as ever in that shearling and denim jacket, Bateman certainly seemed to have more fun with the scene this time, teasing Fallon (with vintage pop-culture references, no less) and embracing the full-body acting he’s honed over the last 24 years. But I don’t know, Popwatchers… the lack of a shifty forehead was a bit of a downer for me. So do you think this is an improvement on the original? Or do you miss the cheesy effects? With the popular Teen Wolf reboot on MTV, do you think Bateman has a golden opportunity to take this show on the road?

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