Feedback: Aug. 12, 2011 |

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Feedback: Aug. 12, 2011

Mixed reviews on Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford's interview skills, a defense of Netflix, and more

Rough Riders
Your interview with Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, and Jon Favreau for Cowboys & Aliens was very refreshing! It wasn’t the typical ”We love the script, love the movie, love each other” conversation. Instead, it was real, with definitive, honest answers.
Sondra Kiss
Stanhope, N.J.

I’m sick of actors who act like jerks during interviews when personal questions come up, like Daniel Craig in ”Close Encounter.” If you don’t want to answer such a question, that is your right and you should politely decline to comment, but of course interviewers are going to keep asking them. Boo-frickin’-hoo, famous people. I’m pretty sure the positives are outweighing the negatives in this career, or else celebs would stop acting and try some other line of work.
Sarah Rocha
Los Angeles

Two Sides to Every Story
Movie critic Owen Gleiberman asked, ”How Many Superheroes Is Too Many?” You answered…rather passionately.

Enough’s Enough
Thanks for your much-needed essay. As a 20-year-old guy, I should be running to see these movies. But with so many reboots consuming Hollywood, even the most charismatic leading men can’t get me to spend my money on a genre that’s grown this trite.
John Kuells
Ahwatukee, Ariz.

Gimme More
Why pick on our superheroes? Why not point to the excess of all the other genres this summer, from rom-coms to animation? Maybe there have been four superhero movies this season because, believe it or not, some of us out there still want to see them.
Bryan and Galina Sowder

Net Assets
Anyone complaining about Netflix’s price increase should stop whining (News and Notes). Even with the rising costs, it’s a steal: The postage charges alone would set me back about $8 a month if the envelopes weren’t prepaid. Overall, I’ll still spend less than I would for two movie tickets and beverages — which I call a bargain.
Scott Coffman
Louisville, Ky.

The Hunt for October
I agreed with most of ”Jake Gyllenhaal’s Haal of Fame” (DVD), but you missed one of the best: October Sky. His performance as a coal miner’s son who triumphs against the odds to become a rocket scientist is so genuine I tear up each time I watch. It’s been a go-to film for years, and it made me fall in love with Jake! What more could anyone ask for in a movie?!
Connie Nagle
Huron, Ohio

Nice Guys Finish Last
With its cancellation, Men of a Certain Age goes from being the best show you haven’t watched to the best show you won’t have an opportunity to watch (Bullseye). As much as I loved the series for its masterful blend of comedy and drama, as well as characters the audience truly cared about and related to, the real loss is for those who never caught on.
Amanda Larosa
Ladera Ranch, Calif.

Stark Gets the Shaft
While I congratulate Peter Dinklage on his Emmy nod for Game of Thrones, I’m surprised no one made a bigger fuss about the lack of recognition for costar Sean Bean (News and Notes). His work as Ned Stark was some of the best of his career, capturing the character’s conflict between what was right and what was expedient.
Devon Beavers

Double Snub
Community was snubbed twice — first by the Emmys, then by your ”Emmy Snubs & Surprises” piece! The show is wildly inventive, hilarious, and heartwarming. It should’ve earned at least a few credits… I mean, nominations.
Katie Dunham
Glendale, Ariz.