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Jaleel White -- yes, Urkel -- stars in Cee Lo Green's 'Cry Baby' video

Cee Lo Jaleel White

Cee Lo Green is a busy man.

Between coaching on The Voice, playing sets at Lollapalooza, producing a new Goodie Mob album, singing on the Footloose soundtrack, and smashing a giant piñata filled with M&M’s, he hardly has time to star in a new music video for his single, “Cry Baby.”

So he just didn’t!

Instead, Jaleel White—otherwise known as Family Matters’ Steve Urkel—plays him in this upbeat 1950s-inspired clip, which features enough pastel sweater vests to feel like an early episode of The Sing-Off. (Green claims he didn’t even know the video was being made.) Who knew breaking up could feel so joyous?

Check out the video below:

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Originally posted August 9 2011 — 3:58 PM EDT

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