James Hibberd
August 09, 2011 AT 09:48 PM EDT

Charlie Sheen is delivering a 180-degree turn from his days of predicting ratings doom for the recast Two and a Half Men.

“Who’s not going to watch?” he enthused to Extra. “I’ll be there front and center. I’m just as curious as everybody else.”

Sheen’s alter-ego character is apparently dead in the first episode, which if true will have to make for a surreal viewing experience for the actor.

Sheen added: “I’m actually rooting hard for them and that worm is turning. It should be exciting. It’ll be nice to know that they get some carry-over ratings from people being sort of curious about what happened to their guy.”

Tough keeping up with Sheen’s swings, isn’t it? The actor also predicted that Ashton Kutcher will perform well as his replacement. “Ashton’s gonna kill it,” he said.

Sheen has his own production to prepare for, his Comedy Central roast, which airs the same night as Kutcher’s debut on Two and a Half Men. The CBS sitcom, meanwhile, has released new photos of Kutcher in the Men opening and humbly soaking up the applause after shooting the season premiere.

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