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Sandra Gonzalez
August 10, 2011 AT 05:10 PM EDT

When I was a kid, there was never any argument in my house about who the best adult was on Full House. And if you’re the lone Danny Tanner fan in the world, sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re the lone Danny Tanner fan in the world. It was Uncle Jesse, of course! No contest. (No one liked Joey — not even Joey, I predict.) But a fierce debate would take place when my sisters and I tried to declare the best sister.

My oldest sister generally identified with D.J., her responsibilities, her quirky best friend, and, if we’re being honest, her fashion sense. (Hey, a side pony and knotted shirt was a cool look at the time.) Sister No. 2 never really liked Stephanie, but she’s the dysfunctional middle child, so, like Stephanie, her real opinion never really mattered. (I know, “How Rude,” of me. But it’s true.) My youngest sister and I always liked Michelle. I know, that seems a bit obvious. Of course, Michelle was the best! She had the best catch phrases (“You got it dude” > “How Rude”), the best episodes, and it was the ’90s and we were obsessed with the Olsen twins. Done and done.

But now I’m older, wiser, and when I watched a few episodes of Full House a few weeks ago, I realized that I totally have a new favorite. (Hint: It’s still not Stephanie.)

There’s a lot about D.J. that I didn’t appreciate back then: Her surrogate mom role, the great quality of the D.J.-centered Very Special Episodes, and, most importantly, her hot boyfriend in the latter seasons. Hello, Scott Weinger! I certainly didn’t see that when I was 10. Ehem.

The moral of the story (because there’s always a moral)? We all had a favorite sister growing up, and if you watch the show now (and I recommend you do), you might realize that yours has changed from when you were a kid. So vote in our poll and make it official. Then we can hug.

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Ed note: I honestly have nothing against Stephanie. I was (am?) simply jealous of her Mister Bear, which was the coolest/cutest toy I never had. I also wanted a pillow person. And a dog named Comet. And an Uncle Jesse… who looked like Uncle Jesse. Hell, I wanted their life, as vanilla as it was.

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