Aly Semigran
August 10, 2011 AT 07:02 PM EDT

TBS announced earlier today that Thursday night would be the final episode of Lopez Tonight after two years on the air. While the show struggled with ratings and always felt a bit out of place in the competitive late-night television landscape (it was never as sharp or relevant as its time slot rival, the firing-on-all-cylinders Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), the series still had some stand-out moments during its run.

Before George Lopez and his gabfest bow out, we wanted to take a look back at five of our favorite moments from Lopez Tonight.

Lopez definitely earned the respect of Team Coco when he welcomed Conan O’Brien to the TBS family with open arms. Both hosts appeared on each others respective shows, but we got the biggest kick out of when O’Brien pulled off a surprise visit and spoke in his “native tongue” to Lopez.

Steve Carell got to kill the Backstreet Boy of his choosing (except AJ!) While we don’t know which member of BSB he offed, we definitely know which side of the this debate he falls on.

There may be no talk show guest more dependably bizarre or entertaining than William Shatner, and it was certainly no exception whenever he stopped by Lopez Tonight. Shatner performed two spectacularly weird musical numbers, including a duet of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, but we give the slight nod to his rendition of Cee Lo Green’s ubiquitous “F— You”. Eat your heart out, Gwyneth!

Lopez handed over hosting duties twice, once to Jennifer Lopez and once to Ashton Kutcher. While both are pretty busy with their day jobs, it’s nice to know they could just as easily have a future in late night. Check out Kutcher’s killer monologue.

And last, but certainly not least, the funniest bit from Lopez Tonight. After Brendan Fraser did that baffling — albeit endlessly re-watchable — Golden Globes clap the actor had a good sense of humor about the whole thing and came by to plug “Brendan Fraser’s Wii Clap for Nintendo.” We still applaud this hilarious skit.

What was your favorite Lopez Tonight moment, PopWatchers? Was it when Sandra Bullock got a “Chola makeover” or when Larry David took a DNA test? Let us know in the comments section below!

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