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Melanie LaPatin
August 11, 2011 AT 02:55 PM EDT

Seriously? That’s it? It’s over? This is my last SYTYCD blog for I feel like I blinked and missed half of it. (I was probably on a plane.)

All kidding aside, before we dive into our discussion of last night’s performances, I hope you’ll indulge me while I say thank you for coming along for this wild ride, for sharing your thoughts and letting me share mine, and for all the nice notes and comments and questions you’ve sent. You made me feel very welcome, and this whole thing has been a blast for me!

Gosh, I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too.

If you’d like to keep in touch, or keep up with what I’m up to, <a href=" my Facebook page is a good place to start,  or the page for my album, Ballroom Remixed (which has RE-remixes coming out next month), or if you’re in New York or passing through, you can always book a lesson at the studio. And if you REALLY find you miss me tomorrow and need a fix — yeah, yeah, I know you’re probably sick of me by now! — I can’t recommend highly enough that you check out Alan Mercer’s blog: His pictures of me are so good, I can’t believe they actually ARE me. (He also has the scoop on the new movie I’m working on. Hint: Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison are in it.)

Now then, about last night… Let’s try to keep in mind that a) each of the kids was flat-out exhausted (they’ve been going nonstop for weeks), and b) each of them was dancing for their life with every move they made. That said, since this is my last blog, instead of picking favorites, I’m going to pick my favorite, singular — the dancer I think should win SYTYCD this season. And, for me, the winner is…

Adam Rose/FOX

SASHA. Melanie made my jaw drop, it seemed like, a hundred times over the course of the season — she’s right up there with Travis, Alison and Ivan in my book. But my pick for the season’s standout is the show’s own resident Sasha Fierce. Were I wearing a hat, I’d be tipping it to her!

As for the actual dances last night…

Melanie and Marko’s disco number. As much fun as a disco number always is, they both looked a bit uncomfortable. Her basic steps were too big, and their transitions in and out of the lifts weren’t smooth.

Sasha’s contemporary piece with all-star Mark. This was a fantastic routine for her. You could just tell she was feeling it from the inside out from the first beat to the last. Awesome.

Tadd’s krumping number with all-star Joshua. Well, it was hard not to watch Josh here because he was so fresh and rested, whereas Tadd’s been go, go, go for weeks. So, not bad, but definitely not Tadd’s best number.

Melanie’s contemporary dance with all-star Robert. Hmm… As technically sound as she is, I didn’t see the magic this time. I kept waiting for it, and watching for it, and I just couldn’t find it.

Marko and Sasha’s Broadway number. I was disappointed. Especially for a finale, this just wasn’t impressive. Sorry.

Sasha and Tadd’s cha-cha. Just goes to show you how hard the ballroom dances are, because, oh gee, much as I love these two, this didn’t work for me at all. They were both uncomfortable and awkward in the basic motions. But… um… I really loved Sasha in that dress!

Marko and all-star Lauren’s contemporary piece. Here, he expressed himself perfectly. THIS was the Marko that earned his place in the final four.

Melanie and Tadd’s contemporary number. Again, I was wanting (maybe expecting) more. I didn’t really feel the chemistry, and when it was over, I didn’t get a sense of “completeness.”

Melanie and Sasha’s contemporary piece. Not only did they dance it beautifully, but they also told the story beautifully. What else can I say? That kind of depth and grace is pretty much what I expect of these two 24/7.

Tadd and Marko’s hip-hop routine. Poor kids. I could really tell they were tired. They weren’t in sync, and it just wasn’t strong enough from either of them.

And that’s it for Lady Cha-Cha — REALLY it, this time! See you on Facebook (I never DID quite get the hang of Twitter, did I?). Thanks again to everybody at EW for figuring out how to edit my ramblings, and to my favorite music blogs, My Fizzy Pop, BillCS Is Tuned-On, and FABTASTIC! Music for their tireless enthusiasm for my nutty Ballroom Remixed project, and to you guys for reading all this! Keep dancing, whatever you do!

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