Aly Semigran
August 11, 2011 AT 07:00 PM EDT

Roseanne Barr is going to have an awfully busy year ahead of her. In addition to running for president of the United States of America and maintaining all the upkeep that comes with running a macadamia nut farm, the Emmy-winning actress/comedienne is also finally making her long-anticipated return to prime-time television.

20th Century Fox Television confirmed to EW that Barr has a deal in place for a new sitcom called Downwardly Mobile, which she will write and star in. Barr will work with her longtime boyfriend Johnny Argent on the project, as well as Roseanne’s Nuts executive producer Steven Greener, who will hold the same title for this series.

No matter you personal feelings towards Barr, this is exciting news and nothing short of sweet music to the ears of fans of her classic sitcom Roseanne. It’s been more than 14 years since the game-changing Roseanne left the air and the void has been felt since. Despite its lackluster last few seasons, has there ever been a sit-com that more accurately portrayed life in the working class?

Thankfully, the show, which Barr has had in the works for over two years now, won’t fall too far from the Roseanne tree. Downwardly Mobile will reportedly be about a blue-collar family living through hard times, which as EW’s Tanner Stransky pondered back in 2009, could be something along the lines a possible resurrection of the beloved Connor clan.

With yet another economic scare looming over the country, could Barr be just the voice we need? While Barr’s behavior can be as unpredictable as the volatile stock market, her track record in the sitcom world makes her one of the safest TV bets out there.

Are you excited to hear more about Roseanne’s upcoming show? Are you glad she’s likely sticking to a similar set-up to that of Roseanne or do you think she should branch out a bit?

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