Roger Arpajou
Shaunna Murphy
August 17, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Those who missed Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris on the big screen will get a second chance beginning Aug. 26, when Sony Pictures Classics sends the film into a second wide release. The film, which stars Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams, recently became the director’s highest-grossing hit after it passed the $40.1 million mark set by Hannah and Her Sisters. The studio says in the release that the film “continues to distinguish itself and will elevate to another Woody Allen record this weekend when it is set to reach 50 million at the box office with no signs of slowing down.”

Allen and Wilson’s time-traveling expedition through Paris was initially released on May 20, and has received nearly universal critical acclaim—as well as talk that it could return Allen to the Oscars.

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