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Kate Ward
August 18, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

As Daniele told us last night, Brendon is a zombie whose head needs to get cut off. So I imagine the Head of Household will spend tonight’s new episode getting in the heeeeeads, in the heeeeeeads of the voting houseguests. Will her plan to re-evict Brendon work? Or will the zombie live on and melt our eyeballs every time he makes out with Rachel? Will Shelly cry? (Is the sky blue?) Will Rachel cry? (Do her boobs defy gravity?)

Come here during the show to discuss the happenings of the tonight’s show, and be sure to come back later for my full recap of the night’s events. I’ll be wearing my Humilitard. UPDATE: The house has voted. Click the jump to find out who went home!Brendon, see you in the jury house. Or maybe back in the house in two weeks. Who knows with this show?

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