Shaunna Murphy
August 18, 2011 AT 10:47 PM EDT

Celebrity endorsements can sell anything, right? I mean, every time I see a fresh-faced starlet sensually rubbing the latest Neutrogena something or other all over her flawless skin, I simply have to have it. My pores are shrinking as I type! Well, as it turns out, even the likes of Lea Michele, Russell Brand, and Manny Pacquiao couldn’t save Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad from a cruel and bitter end. CNN confirmed Thursday that the company aims to spin-off its struggling PC business, and has already killed the TouchPad tablet that was launched less than two months ago. But those Russell Brand commercials were so funny!

In case you missed it, HP launched a huge marketing campaign with the three stars, consisting of three high-budget, frequently run commercials that showed all three of them in their element. Russell joked, Lea sang, and Manny… stood in front of a boxing ring. It had all the makings of Audrina Patridge eating a Carl’s Jr. burger-level success, but TouchPad sales struggled so much that the company quickly decided to cut the tablet’s price by $100, before ultimately pulling the plug this week.

So what gives, planet Earth? Why can’t the simple act of a celebrity telling us to buy something make us run to the nearest retailer like in the golden days of yore? Is it the crumbling economy? No, that can’t be. Is it the heavy competition coming from Apple? Doubtful. Maybe Abercrombie & Fitch was on to something when they offered to pay The Situation to stop wearing their clothing, and if HP had simply called the Wall Street Journal and other  major media outlets offering to pay Lea Michele NOT to use the TouchPad, we’d be seeing a much different story play out here.

Riddle me this, all you tech-savvy PopWatchers out there — did any of you get the chance to sample the TouchPad before its untimely demise? Or are you all just sitting pretty with your fancy iPads?

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