Archana Ram
August 26, 2011 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Shannon Stewart
Cycle 1
”She’s true to her faith, but that rigidity can run you into trouble.”

Camille McDonald
Cycle 2
”She has confidence. It’s key to being a successful model.”

Brittany Brower
Cycle 4
”She was always slightly crazy, but that party attitude can end up looking cheesy.”

Lisa D’Amato
Cycle 5
”People know her by name. That’s a powerful thing to have.”

Bre Scullark
Cycle 5
”She’s a little more serious, a little more intense. But is that exciting?”

Bianca Golden
Cycle 9
”You want a raw emotion to come out in a photograph, and she has that.”

Dominique Reighard
Cycle 10
”When she’s not androgynous, she’s a sex bomb. It’s the perfect combination.”

Isis King
Cycle 11
”[She’s transgender], and a powerful role model. That’s part of being an all-star.”

Sheena Sakai
Cycle 11
”She may need to rein the va-va-voom in a little. It can give people the wrong idea.”

Allison Harvard
Cycle 12
”She needs to know how to harness [her awkwardness].”

Laura Kirkpatrick
Cycle 13
”She endears everybody she speaks to. That’s her power.”

Angelea Preston
Cycle 14
”She has a fighting instinct, and she’s shown rapid improvement.”

Kayla Ferrel
Cycle 15
”She announced she was gay, but this is All-Stars. A lot of girls have great stories.”

Alexandria Everett
Cycle 16
”She can be quite lippy. She doesn’t give in to the other girls.”

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