EW Staff
August 26, 2011 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Taylor Swift
”It was in Foxboro, Massachusetts, and rain started pouring down. My first terrified thought was, ‘Everyone’s going to leave!’ but instead they stayed and danced, jumped, and screamed even crazier than before. I soaked every one of my dresses and guitars, but there was nothing more amazing than dancing in the rain with 55,000 people.”

Gavin Rossdale
”On tour in Alabama I went to a pet store and saw a beautiful Akita. The girl at the counter told me how much she loved him and that she hadn’t bought him only because he was so expensive. So I bought her the dog, along with a year of food and a collar and leash. She cried, and then named the dog Bush!”

Mark Foster
”In Dallas, our bass player Cubbie’s pants were soaked with sweat after a show, so he laid them outside in the sun next to our bus to dry out. When we got back that night, the jeans were gone and there was a ransom note. We got a text message the next day saying, ‘Sorry, I just wanted to have a drink with you guys.’ That’s no way to make an introduction!”

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