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Sandra Gonzalez
August 26, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

No time for small talk, today. Sorry. A storm a’brewin’ on the East Coast!

I have TV on DVD to purchase, windows to tape, snacks to buy, and an entire wall of attractive celebrities to encase in plexiglass in the event water levels reach EW’s third floor!

Thankfully, I will still be able to check your scoop requests over the weekend, so send them in! ( — Remember, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!) Also, follow the progression of my hurricane-cause cabin fever on Twitter: @EWSandraG.

See you next week… (I hope).


Before we get down to business, you’ve already checked out that exclusive clip of the Leverage summer finale I served up for you on Wednesday. Right? If you haven’t, shame on you. Click there immediately. If you have, proceed for further scoop.

This Sunday’s episode of Leverage is, as recurring guest star Mark Sheppard sees it, a “very simple episode,” but don’t let him fool you. Sure, Nate’s (Timothy Hutton) old friend Sterling’s reappearance in the team’s lives certainly leads to a classic caper, but there’s also so much more. “I think it’s a very interesting way to write a relationship,” Sheppard tells me of Nate and Sterling’s slowly unraveled past. “The relationship is established but more of how they got there is being revealed.”

He adds: “I think [Sterling] is the person who knows Nate best — obviously in a different way than [his team]. But I’ve probably seen the worst of him and am probably the person who’s spent the most time with him and known him the longest. I’m like his ex-wife, in a very strange way,” he says laughing. “I’m part of his old life.”

Interestingly, Sunday’s episode particularly has some juicy bits about Sterling’s old life, but you’ll have to see those for yourself. All I can say is that you’ll definitely walk away looking at Sterling in a different way. Meanwhile, for you ‘shippery types, the episode also features some of my favorite Hardison and Parker scenes of this season. I’ll say one word: Hum. I guarantee you’ll be swooning along with me.


While I had Mark Sheppard on the phone, how could I resist talking to him about Supernatural? Though he wouldn’t reveal much (he’s a pro at dodging by now!), he did say that he was excited about the possibility of more Crowley this season. “Sera [Gamble] said that what Cas has said about this demon was going to be explored at some point, and that she has plans for this demon. But who knows? Maybe they just blew me up,” he says of his confirmed appearance in episode 1 (by way of the show’s amazing new promo!).

Sheppard, a longtime viewers of the CW show, also says he’s noticed Supernatural has gone back to basics, focusing on character development. “It’s going back to what made the show so popular,” he explains. “You’ve had these big, angels and demons wars, and the devil, and death. These things will obviously continue on in some way, but the root of it is Dean and Sam and I think it’s fascinating. It’s very much back to the root element.”

But will that “root element” include more appearances by Crowley? Of course, he won’t say. He did, however, hint: “It’s a lot of fun when Crowley is connected to the boys in a lot of ways. The fans have enjoyed that connection. They do well in that situation. It always pays off very well. I’m looking forward to seeing whether that happens or not.”

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