Grady Smith
August 26, 2011 AT 11:12 PM EDT

While NBC is gearing up for Season 3 of a cappella singing competition The Sing-Off (which will be recapped once again by yours truly), last year’s winning group, Committed, is getting ready to release their debut album on August 29.

The Alabama gospel sextet has just released a music video for their new single, “Break Free,” which is surprisingly not an a cappella track at all! (But don’t worry, the rest of their album, which is streaming in full here, is mostly full of vocal harmonies and void of instrumentation. That’s how we a caholics like it!)

Check out the radio edit below:

Once you get over the initial shock of hearing Committed’s soulful a cappella sound steamrolled by a drum machine-happy producer, the video is actually kind of cool. Who knew fluorescent lights hanging in a tree could feel so moody? What a thrifty solution!

I do have on problem with the video though: What’s up with all the clenched fists?

A well-placed fist-clench can be a powerful thing in a video, (see: Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper”) but when it’s the only gesticulation shown—and I count 26 uses in “Break Free”—it gets distracting. Who do you think you are? Creed?!

Still, I’m happy that Committed is getting some new music into the market, even if the track is too produced for my taste—I understand the need for the group to find some play on Christian radio. I just hope their next single is a full fledged vocal track, like standout Stevie cover “As.”

What do you think of “Break Free” Music Mixers? And more importantly, what do you think about this important poll?!

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