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Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez: 'My snake's name is Johnson.'

Justin Bieber Snake

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In the midst of an otherwise boring pre-show, Justin Bieber swung in for a quick one-on-one interview with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Gomez asked him to describe his outfit. Bieber: “I have a snake. I have red pants. And I have cheetah shoes.” And what is the snake’s name, asked Gomez? Bieber: “My snake’s name is Johnson.” Ah, young love.

EW also caught up with the Biebs, and his very much real baby pet snake, on the red – sorry, the black – carpet. Here was our conversation in full: 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What your snake’s name?

Johnson! You dirty boy!
I know. [laughs]

Dude, your Johnson is small.
[Laughs and shakes his head.]

What is he?
Justin: It’s a boa constrictor. It’ll get like four feet. It’s gonna get big.

Has he peed on you yet?
Justin: No. I hope not!!

(Additional reporting by Carrie Borzillo)

Originally posted August 28 2011 — 8:58 PM EDT

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