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Boyz II Men, 'More Than You'll Ever Know' feat. Charlie Wilson -- AN EW EXCLUSIVE STREAM

Boyz II Men Publicity Photo

(Gitte Meldgaard)

In the ’90s, they shattered Billboard records seemingly daily, spreading their cooleyhighharmonies far and wide and swiftly becoming the most commercially successful R&B group of all time.

Now the Men have most definitely left their Boyzhood behind (and become a trio in the process, saying goodbye to original member Michael McCary), but on the track here exclusive to EW—it will go live on iTunes tomorrow—the group has picked up another honorary member in the process: Gap Band legend Charlie Wilson.

Listen to their collaboration after the jump, and find the song on their upcoming Twenty (due Oct. 25), a celebration of their two decades in the business that features both new songs and reworkings of their hits:

Originally posted August 29 2011 — 4:38 PM EDT

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