Sandra Gonzalez
August 30, 2011 AT 10:45 PM EDT

The headline above is not meant to be misleading. It’s genuinely the question that’s raised in the just-released promo for the new season (embedded below).

And I’m inclined to think it will feature a buzzy little hook-up for two reasons: 1) It’s a one-hour premiere. And how better to cap off an gift like that than a little buzz-worthy hanky-panky? (Forgive my language. I’m apparently eight years old…but I’m not changing it.) 2) It SAYS so in the promo. Ominous Voice Man says “WHO will hook up?” not “WILL there be a hook up?” I could also be reading into this too much.

Regardless, take a peek below and tell me what you think. Would a Robin-Barney hook up send the season into a crazy tailspin? Is that something you’d like to see? And do you love Lily just a little more after her Lion King impersonation? 

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