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Kim Kardashian's new music video for 'Jam (Turn It Up)' prominently features Kim's Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a brilliant entrepreneur. Anyone who can reportedly make almost $18 million off their own wedding is clearly doing something right.

But don’t let the fact that she’s a newly-married millionairess confuse you: As the preview for her new music video proves, Kim Kardashian is still extremely capable of writhing around a humid air vent while wearing clothes so revealing that actual nudity would be tame by comparison.

The song is called “Jam (Turn It Up)” and as near as I can figure, all of the lyrics are “Turn me up, turn me up. Turn me, turn me, turn me up” (think Ke$ha, without all the socially-conscious undertones). I’m hoping that, in the actual video, Kim actually lets her butt sing, Ace Ventura-style. Watch a preview here:

Music Mixers, what do you think of the video? Are you concerned that Ms. K is sweating so much when there’s a fan pumping right in front of her?

Listen, we can all agree that this video serves as a great stealth audition for a Die Hard reboot, where John McClane becomes “Kandy McKlure,” and the entire second act of the film is just air vents, air vents, air vents!

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Originally posted August 30 2011 — 1:00 PM EDT


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