Clark Collis
August 31, 2011 AT 03:56 PM EDT

Walking Dead executive producer Glen Mazzara has teased the second season of AMC’s zombie show in an interview on the AMC website. The new showrunner explained that the show’s second season will follow Robert Kirkman’s original comic series by in large part taking place at a farm belonging to a character named Hershel. “In the graphic novel the story that takes place on Hershel’s farm is really only a few issues,” said Mazzara. “We’ve been able to mine that for many episodes, and we’re very excited about the depth to which we’re able to push the characters, the different dynamics that we’re able to explore. Our approach to our group of survivors when they reach Hershel’s farm is that they are a plague unto themselves. Nothing goes right for Hershel once Rick and his band show up. They make the zombie apocalypse look like kids in a candy story. What’s interesting is that if this was a show solely about Hershel, Rick and his band would really be the antagonists. And that’s been really surprising because every action that Rick and his band take is completely logical, but you’ll certainly sympathize with Hershel.”

Mazzara also confirmed that the comic’s psychotic character “the Governor” would be appearing on the show at some point. When asked what element from the comic he was most looking forward to adapting, the executive producer replied, “I am dying to meet the Governor.” Finally, Mazzara announced that the fourth episode of the new season will feature “a fantastic scene … that I believe will make every fanboy happy. It’ll give them hope that if they can make it through the zombie apocalypse, they can get laid off a hot chick too.”

The Walking Dead showrunner did not discuss how he came by his job, an unsurprising omission given the provenance of the interview. As Walking Dead fans know, Mazzara is replacing the show creator Frank Darabont, who stepped down from his post in July for reasons that remain unclear.

The second season of the Walking Dead will premiere on AMC, Oct. 16. Gorehounds who can’t wait that long for their zombie fix may care to note that a Robert Kirkman co-penned novel called The Rise of the Governor — which details the origins of the Walking Dead villain — goes on sale Oct. 11.

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