Dalton Ross
September 06, 2011 AT 03:00 PM EDT


Benjamin “Coach” Wade has either dramatically escaped from the jaws of death more than any other human being in history, or he has a very active imagination. It seems this dude is always talking about being captured by mysterious Aztecs or narrowly evading an assault by revenge-seeking Inca tribesmen. It doesn’t really matter to me where the actual truth lies. Either way, I am mightily amused and entertained. So when I chatted up Coach in Samoa the day before he began his latest adventure on Survivor: South Pacific (premiering Sept. 14 on CBS), I began our conversation the way I begin all my conversations with Coach — by making him share yet another survival story with me. And this one might be his most shocking one yet, because instead of taking place on land or on sea, this latest brush with death takes place…in the air! Allow him to tell you the (tall?) tale himself in the video player below — a tale that is punctuated with the birth of a new Coach persona: The Zenslayer!

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