Aly Semigran
September 08, 2011 AT 07:01 PM EDT

With most college students heading back to classes this week, many are taking part in the age-old tradition of hanging posters on the otherwise drab walls of dorm rooms. So the poster for The Rum Diary couldn’t have come at a better time as it possesses the two major requisites for hanging on a dorm wall: It’s really cool-looking and it features bottles of alcohol.

Despite having a killer tag line (“One Part Outrage. One Part Justice. Three Parts Rum. Mix Well”) and a clever execution (the title is spelled out in rum bottles), the poster is missing one key ingredient: Johnny Depp!

Sure, the actor’s name is plastered across the top of the poster, but, unlike the trailer, there’s no visual of Depp in full trippy, 1960’s mode. Which begs the question: Will this really become a classic movie poster, found on the walls of young Hunter S. Thompson fans the world over, or does it leave you thirsty for more? And, hey, if you do like it, you may want to hang it in your dorm after all, as Depp could be headed to a campus near you.

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