Charlie Sheen roast: Kristin Cavallari, Ron Jeremy, Laura Vandervoort attending |

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What Charlie Sheen has in common with Laura Vandervoort, Ron Jeremy, and Kristin Cavallari -- EXCLUSIVE

Laura Vandervoort


The attendees of Charlie Sheen’s roast on Saturday are firming up and EW exclusively has the list. Is it a warlock’s brew of celebrities? Certainly. Are there names from Sheen’s past? Oh yes.

In fact, one frequent question about the Comedy Central event has been, “Where are Sheen’s former co-stars?” Well, some are planning to be there. Sheen’s former Spin City co-stars Michael Boatman and Richard Kind will be on hand. So will Major League co-star Corbin Bernsen. And The Chase co-star Kristy Swanson.

Also attending:

There’s Smallville’s Laura Vandervoort (who once declared she’s too much of “a grandma” to party with Sheen), sitcom vet Patrick Warburton, porn star Ron Jeremy, The Hills co-star Kristin Cavallari and reality star Dog the Bounty Hunter (who doesn’t appear to have a Sheen connection, except possibly someday being asked to catch him).

Check back on for coverage of Sheen’s roast tomorrow night and you can check out the show yourself on Comedy Central on Sept. 19. Here’s the list of celebrities roasting Sheen.