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Dress made of crime novel covers hits the runway -- you be the judge!

(Photo credit: Chip Miller)

This looks like the result of an “unconventional” Project Runway challenge. Hard Case Crime is known for publishing pulpy novels with scantily clad or naked women on the covers. This summer, its books inspired an unusual combination of reading and public nudity. So it’s a little ironic that designer Hally McGehean used hundreds of Hard Case jacket designs to cover a woman up (albeit barely).

So Shelf Lifers, use your critical reading skills to fashion-police this unusual garment: best-seller or crime against fashion? What do you think of the weird girdle-type thing around the waist (clearly I’m not used to writing about style)?

Take a closer look below:

Photo credit: Chip Miller

Photo credit: Chip Miller

Originally posted September 9 2011 — 3:45 PM EDT


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