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Benjamin Wood
September 13, 2011 AT 10:47 PM EDT

Dr. Phil launched its tenth season today with the much-promoted, exclusive interview with George and Cindy Anthony, their first public appearance since their daughter Casey was acquitted of first-degree murder.

Dr. Phil began the episode by touting the Casey Anthony story as “one of the biggest dramas to ever capture the nation’s attention” and spoke of how coverage of the case left him with more questions that answers. He is certainly not alone. Casey Anthony was found guilty of lying to police but beyond that, little is known of what actually happened. 

Throughout the interview, Dr. Phil deftly tip-toed around overtly blaming Casey Anthony for the death of her daughter Caylee by referring to her involvement in the girl’s disappearance as “whatever it is she did.” By the end of Tuesday’s segment of the two-part interview, however, Dr. Phil’s opinion was less veiled. He quickly dismissed Cindy’s hypotheses of health disorders and postpartum schizophrenia, saying they were desperate reaches to excuse her daughter for wrongdoing. He also said that Casey Anthony would not be making an appearance on his show any time soon (read: ever).

“I have not and will not be interviewing Casey Anthony,” Dr. Phil said. “I have zero interest in doing so. I personally believe that her actions have spoken louder than any words.”

By her “actions,” Dr. Phil was referring to her behavior leading up to, during and after the disappearance of her child in which Dr. Phil says she created a “litany” and “elaborate menagerie” of lies, and, among other things, took part in a hot body contest and had the words “Bella Vita” tattooed on her body. Her mother, Cindy, attempted to justify some of this behavior. “For six months that Caylee was gone, I was devastated,” she said. “But during that time did I socialize with friends and maybe laugh once or twice at a joke? Yes. And if someone would have isolated that in a photograph and plastered it all over would I be just as guilty as Casey?”

But Dr. Phil remained skeptical. “Cindy, you weren’t involved in the death,” he said. “What I see is a woman that has made a conscious decision to go to a bar within days of being in some way involved in the death and cover up of her child and I have a hard time framing that out in any other way.”

After listing off a series of lies perpetrated by Casey Anthony — her employment, her nanny, her friends, her activities, her theft of gas and cash from her parents and her un-established role in the disappearance of her child — he said, bluntly, “There is a point where you have to put on your list of possibilities that these are the behaviors of an unconscionable psychopath.”

For his part, George seemed more secure in pointing fingers. He never came out and said he believes Casey murdered her daughter (although the tease for the second part of the interview, airing on Wednesday, suggests he might), but he did seem willing to give credit where credit was due. “Well, the last one I saw Caylee with was Casey,” he said. “To me, in my mind, that one and one adds up to two. She’s responsible for Caylee. That was her daughter.”

During Tuesday’s interview – which covered the time from Caylee’s birth to Casey’s arrest – Cindy said something that perhaps sums up the way most of America feels about the Caylee Anthony mystery. “I wanted to go choke her or hit her and I just went over there and I just punched the bed as hard as I could to get my anger out,” Cindy said of hearing for the first time that Caylee was missing. “All I wanted was answers for Caylee and we didn’t have anything.”

We still don’t. We probably never will. In the eyes of the law Casey Anthony is innocent in her daughter’s death. It is certainly interesting to see the parents of one of the most hated people in America hinting, if not admitting, that their daughter is a guilty, lying psychopath, but the interview seems more like a chance for the Anthonys to get things off their chest, rather than clear the air.

What do you think PopWatchers? Did their answers seem honest and genuine? Is there anything that could possibly be said to make you change your minds about Casey Anthony?

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