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'Grey's Anatomy Vol. 4' soundtrack feat. Cee-Lo, Lykke Li, the National and more -- stream it here EXCLUSIVE

Oh, those crazy doctors and their anatomies!

While Grey’s returns for its eighth season on Sept. 22, the show’s famously synced-up soundtrack is now on its fourth volume, out today.

Grey’s Anatomy Vol. 4, the series’ first outing in four years, contains a calvacade of alt and indie names – Lykke Li, Cee Lo Green, Peter Bjorn & John, the National, Scars on 45, and more.

You can order it on iTunes by clicking here, and get a full, free streaming sneak preview only on, below, along with the complete tracklisting:

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1. Lykke Li - Get Some

2. Scars On 45 – Heart On Fire (previously unreleased)

3. Katie Herzig - Way To The Future

4. Peter Bjorn And John - Second Chance

5. Cee Lo Green - Old Fashioned

6. The National - England

7. Graffiti6 - Stare Into The Sun

8. Lissie - Worried About

9. Delta Spirit - Salt In The Wound

10. Correatown - Further

11. The Republic Tigers - The Infidel

12. The Quiet Kind - In Front Of You (previously unreleased)

13. Tim Meyers – Entwined (previously unreleased)

14. The Boxer Rebellion - Both Sides Are Even

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