Darren Franich
September 14, 2011 AT 06:55 PM EDT

In the cover story of this month’s Esquire, Justin Timberlake talks about the day he turned invisible. Or rather, the day he wore an Ernie-from-Sesame Street costume and toodled around Comic-Con like just another dude in a costume. (Writer Chris Jones played Bert. Big summer for the multi-colored gender-less roommates!) The joke, of course, is that Timberlake is such a recognizable and oddly approachable superstar that he has to put on a muppet costume to be incognito. (“I can sometimes walk around New York if I dress the right way,” he tells Esquire, “but that’s it.”) It’s been a big year for Timberlake’s acting career — he starred in summer comedies Friends with Benefits and Bad Teacher, and don’t forget all that Oscar talk off of Social Network — but next month’s In Time will be his first outing as a blockbuster-action protagonist. Do you think Timberlake can pull it off? Or should he start at least vaguely considering the thought of producing a new album?

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