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September 14, 2011 AT 01:30 PM EDT

I wondered if I was perhaps writing about too obscure of a show when I covered The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo for EW’s ongoing nostalgia series on Saturday. Would anyone actually remember it? Thankfully, a few people did.

But things are about to get a whole lot more obscure. Today, I’m talking about Space Cases.

What, you don’t remember Space Cases? You know, that sci-fi show about a group of teenage space dwellers traveling through the universe that ran on Nickelodeon for two seasons. You’ve gotta remember it! No? It was that show which featured a girl with rainbow hair, a guy with giant whirlpool ears, and a pessimistic alien with a glittery wishbone glued on his forehead. Still nothing?

Come on! Any self respecting pop culture junkie between the ages of 22 and 23 has to remember Space Cases — it starred two Gen Y icons: Walter Jones, otherwise known as the Black Power Ranger, and Jewel Staite, who played Kaylee Frye on Firefly. (Confession: I remember Staite most for her one episode guest appearance as a mermaid on Disney’s So Weird. I know — so weird.)

But if you don’t remember anything else about the show, you just have to remember the theme song. It was an exercise in efficiency, as it succinctly summed up every character in just one line. “Radu’s really super-strong / Android Thelma functions wrong / Bova acts like nothing’s funny / Rosie’s cheery, bright, and sunny.” The whole song is kind of like The Secret Life of the American Teenager if the characters were more complexly drawn.

If you still don’t remember Space Cases, even after all those brain-triggering attempts, then let’s be honest, you probably aren’t reading this article anymore. Heck, you probably didn’t even click the headline. I’m talking to the fans now.

You guys, I loved this show. I thought each of the kids’ super powers was so cool (except Rosie’s — Sorry, but getting red and warm just wasn’t that entertaining!), and I looked forward to watching their weekly adventures and seeing which planet the kids would visit or which aliens they might be fighting. It was basically Star Trek for kids. When Space Cases didn’t return for a third season, I was crushed. It was the first show I had ever watched that got canceled unjustly, leaving me to wonder what happened to the characters I loved so much. (The same thing happened with — and we’re about to get even more obscure — Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. I still want to see how that ended!)

PopWatchers, do you remember Space Cases?

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