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Darren Franich
September 15, 2011 AT 08:50 PM EDT

I don’t think anyone could have possibly predicted the final outcome of this season of Big Brother. And I’m not just referring to the fact that Rachel — one of the reality show’s great love-to-hate villains — triumphed over adversity (and her own uncanny ability to put her foot so deep into her mouth that she winds up kicking her brain.) I’m talking about the fact that, by the time she won, it was actually possible to feel incredibly happy for her. Haters can hate, but the Redheaded Wonder embarked on a late-season charm offensive that her seem like heroic and even kind of adorable — especially compared to the generally lame batch of contestants who surrounded her. If you ask me, no one deserved to win Big Brother more.

But what do I know? Fellow viewers, did you think Rachel’s fellow Final Three contestants were robbed? More to the point, do you think there was another contestant this season who deserved to win the show more? Scheming Daniele? Powerhouse Jeff? Jordan-y Jordan? Would Evel Dick have run the table if he’d lasted longer than a few days? I’d make the argument that Shelly should have won just because she managed to successfully fool everyone in the house about her intentions. What do you think? Vote in the poll below:

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