Darren Franich
September 15, 2011 AT 06:40 PM EDT

Politicians are attempting to justify yesterday’s decision to award Jersey Shore a $420,000 tax credit by noting that the show has an economic halo effect. No less an authority than the mayor of Seaside Heights, P. Kenneth Hershey, claims that the series provides an essential boost to the local economy, although to be fair, that “boost” mostly comes in the form of additional shots ordered at Karma and overtime pay for beefy security dudes who have to follow the Jersey Shore cast everywhere.

Now, you can quibble over the ethics of giving nearly half a million dollars to a series about drunk low-self-esteem androids having unhygienic vomit orgies. Or you can hop onboard the future train and look forward to the moment, not too far away, when Jersey Shore is the cash crop of the Garden State. I can see it now: In Jersey Shore season 7, the roommates will go to work in the office of Mayor P. Kenneth Hershey. In season 9, Snooki and The Situation will run for Governor. Cue season 11: The Situation is Mayor, and the whole country is going to the dogs!

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