Dalton Ross
September 16, 2011 AT 04:01 AM EDT


Something finally came between Rachel and her man — a big check! The recently crowned Big Brother champion called into the latest edition of the InsideTV Podcast to chat with Jessica Shaw and yours truly about her victory, and you’ll never guess who was with her? Of course you will. It’s Brendon! Big Brother‘s most controversial duo talk all about Rachel’s big win, whether she would have brought Jordan to the final 2 if put in that position, and how they feel about Adam claiming he would have won if he had made the finals. Also, now that Rachel is half a million dollars richer, how does that impact their big wedding plans? (Hint: They just got bigger!)

After all that, Ken Tucker stops by to talk about something in which you will never hear the words Big Brother mentioned — The Emmys. Ken helps us break down all the major categories and who should and will win in each. Will it be Mad Men or The Good Wife for best drama? Will Jon Hamm finally win best actor now that his fellow AMCer Bryan Crantson is not eligible? And does Friday Night Lights stand a shot at all? Ken also shares his biggest snubs as well as the fall TV shows to keep an eye on. Ken Tucker is all over the damn place, people! (You can skip straight to the 18:30 mark if you want to avoid all the Big Brother talk and go straight to the Emmys chatter.)

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