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Aly Semigran
September 19, 2011 AT 03:10 PM EDT

Seriously PopWatchers, let’s all work together to make this happen. Write to your local congressman if you have to. It needs to be stated all across the land: Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy simply must host next year’s Emmys together.

With all due respect to host Jane Lynch, Poehler and McCarthy were the two funny ladies who truly dominated the stage during the Emmys telecast, walking away as the night’s big winners. (Especially McCarthy, since, you know, she actually won the Emmy.) There was that inspired moment in which all the women, led by Poehler, from in the Best Actress in a Comedy Series race took the stage as their names were called as nominees. (Arguably the funniest moment of the night.) And by the time Parks and Recreation and Mike & Molly stars presented an Emmy together, it was clear their undeniable comedic chemistry would make them seriously stellar hosts. Poehler knows how to make comedy a team effort (just see her years with Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live), and McCarthy has — thanks to her work on Mike & Molly and, of course, her breakout performance in Bridesmaids — transformed into America’s Comedy Sweetheart. Who wouldn’t want to see on-stage banter and scripted sketches with these two? (Especially after seeing McCarthy’s pre-Emmy video with Joel McHale.)

So what do you say, PopWatchers, Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy as the hosts of the 2012 Emmys? Let’s get this movement started, shall we?

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