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September 19, 2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

And the winner is…ALL OF US.

As I teased on my Twitter account last night, the EW Army was out in full force this weekend gathering TV scoop from all the good-looking stars walking around, and as a result, we all walk away feeling like winners. (So this is what it feels like to be Kyle Chandler!) So enjoy yourself as you dig into some scooplets in this special edition of Spoiler Room, and if you missed any of EW’s Emmy coverage this weekend, educate yourself.

And make sure to come back on Friday for your regularly scheduled edition of Spoiler Room (in its normal format). That reminds me! I’m still accepting your questions via e-mail:


Sure, the kids from Glee know how to work a carpet, but show me the woman with the scoop and I’ll show you the person I want to talk to. For EW, that was Dot Marie Jones, who we caught up with on Saturday night at the Performers Nominee Reception at Spectra by Wolfgang Puck. Jones, who, like a trooper, came out for the festivities despite her broken foot, dished that her injury is actually being worked into the show. “Yeah, Ryan [Murphy], the boys, wrote it into the third episode that I broke my foot,” she said. “I don’t want to say how they wrote it in because it’s very funny.” {C}And this wasn’t the only hospital visit made by a member of the cast this season, according to Ashley Fink. At the EW party, Fink told us, “I can say that season 3 is going to be out of control. I keep reading the script and will be like, ‘Whaaaatttt?’ People have gone to the hospital! It’s been out of control….A certain person has gone to the hospital after doing a certain number too hard. He was going real [sic] hard.” We’re looking at you, Chris Colfer.

Also coming to Glee-land this season: a new, power-hungry trio! Okay, that might be an overstatement. Jones says: “Jayma Mays and Kevin McHale and myself are the three co-directors of the school musical….It’s hilarious. We’re very serious about our selection and our audience process. We’re methodical about our decisions.”

*I recognize how stupid this pun is, and I hate myself for it. Also, I’m not changing it.


What’s left to do after you make the Emmy Awards your bitch dominate at the Emmy Awards? Well, if you’re Modern Family, you squeeze together and make room for new blood in the cast. And, as teased last year, that could include a new baby for Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). “It’s a story that will play out over the course of the year,” Ferguson tells EW. “A lot of people have to look to alternate means to expand their family, straight and gay couples. There is a lot of ways to do that, whether it be with a surrogate or my partner’s sperm in my sister’s uterus, which could happen. I’m not saying it’s a storyline, but it might be something they explore. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?” Erm… “It’s not a done deal [that we’ll get a baby] but it’s something they are exploring,” he adds. “I think this season will be about their struggle how to do that and how my character is maybe not as comfortable as having a son because he’s not the most masculine of people. He can’t throw a football like his partner Cameron.”

Emmy winner Julie Bowen also dished to EW about another addition: David Cross, who comes on board this season to go toe-to-toe with Claire. “We have a very caustic relationship. He plays a town councilman who Claire Dunphy is not fond of, and we face off in the small town political arena,” she says. “He’s very, very funny.” Also sort of funny? Accidentally calling your new guest star by the wrong name! “I was maybe not at my very best at 5 a.m. I called him David Chase. I always call people mister and sir early on because otherwise, every other word out of my mouth is foul and disgusting. So I try to show a tiny bit of respect before I work with them. So when I said ‘Mr. Chase,’ he looked at me like, ‘Are you joking? I love the respect with the wrong name.’ I was like, ‘I loved the Sopranos.'”

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