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Sandra Gonzalez
September 19, 2011 AT 07:40 PM EDT

Update: Read a rundown of the premiere here.

I love premiere week — probably more than my birthday and all major non-present holidays combined! And tonight brings one of my favorite shows back from hiatus: How I Met Your Mother.

Having seen the first half hour of the premiere (yes, that’s me gloating), I can’t wait for y’all to see it. And yes, I’ll be back later today with some thoughts on it. But while the show is on our brains, I wanted to toss out a question: What do you want to see this year?

This is something I’ve given lots of thought in the months we have been without the show, because this might just be the second to last season of HIMYM. After the show snagged the two-year pick-up, it certainly seemed the end was nearing. In fact, creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas expressed similar sentiments earlier this summer when we chatted about the upcoming, answer-filled season. “The thing we’ve loved about the show, and especially as we go into the last few seasons of the show, nothing gets left behind. The slate is never clean. The characters are growing and building upon their experiences in good ways,” Bays told me back in August.

If true to their word, we’ll get answers to a lot of our major questions this season. (*Namely, they’ve hinted this will be the season we learn the identity of Barney’s bride.) I can’t wait for that! But, meanwhile, here are some less-pressing (but could-be entertaining) things I’d like to see this season.

  •  A return from Barney’s brother, James (Wayne Brady)! Why? Because I think Barney’s brother, who is married, would have a lot to say about his ongoing love issues and help him sort it all out. Also, I just love the character.
  •  The final slap. Yes, this seems like something the show would keep in its back pocket until the final season, but I want it now. I’m impatient that way.
  •  A Mother’s Day-themed episode. It’s Lily’s first. Can you imagine how cute that’d be?
  • More Robin Sparkles — because that’s just what the world generally needs at all times.

Your turn! Dazzle me with your obscure references and wow me with your ideas.

*MINI-SPOILER: The last minutes of the first half possibly give a big hint about one of the major questions we have right now. We will discuss after the show.

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