Erin Strecker
September 20, 2011 AT 07:27 PM EDT

Quick poll: Does Ex-Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson writing, “I would always ask some of my black friends how they got their butts and thighs,” make you A). Uncomfortable  B). Bored or  C). Amused?

I’m going with a combination of A and B, but for those that say, “Kendra’s just being Kendra,” there is more where that inner monologue came from in Wilkinson’s new book, Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails & Getting My Sexy Back, out today.

Being Kendra is the follow up to the New York Times best-seller Sliding Into Home, in which Wilkinson discussed the path that led her to the Playboy mansion and beyond.

In the follow up, Wilkinson talks about life post-baby. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Kendra, please tell me where you have sex with your husband,” you’re in luck. There were at least 10 20 way too many mentions of her getting it on with Hank Baskett, as well as other TMI revelations, like her marital problems (sounds serious!) and her plans for another (private!) sex tape. Now you know.

Wilkinson fares best when she describes some of the behind-the-scenes moments shooting Kendra, her reality show on E!. For those that are into the whole Kardashian/Playboy/Sex Tape Crew, you might find it enlightening to hear just how set up these “reality” shows are. Wilkinson talks about season-long plotlines she planned out with E! in advance, and having camera crew guys by her side for 3 a.m. feedings. She also describes the extreme photoshopping that went on in her post-baby body feature for OK! magazine.

She takes a wrong turn when she tries to get into the all-too-complicated “mommy wars” when she talks about staying at home vs. hiring a nanny for her baby. It’s obvious Wilkinson loves her son, and I’m sure that was a difficult decision for her, but her second-grade explanation of the choice didn’t do her any favors. Serious subjects in general aren’t her forte. When discussing childhood immunizations, she lists Jenny McCarthy as an expert, before ultimately disagreeing with her.

Here are some other highlights:

  • Moving around a lot with her athlete husband, she speaks candidly about her fears that her new neighbors Google her, and will judge her before they get to know her. “I party for a living, not in real life, and I need my neighbors to know that.”
  • Financial know-how isn’t her thing. “My credit score was so bad because I was never responsible enough to pay anything…I was of the mind-set (if I ignored it) it would all just go away.”
  • On getting herself cast on Dancing With The Stars: “I walked right in and I stated the facts they wanted to hear:…I know this isn’t ABC appropriate but I did adult dancing, a.k.a. stripping, and I lived at the Playboy Mansion for five years.”
  • On Dancing With The Stars: “On Tuesdays before elimination Hank would come over to the set and bring a bottle of wine, and we would have sex in the trailer before the results show.” And this: “Whenever you saw me smiling on camera on Tuesdays, it’s because I just had sex.”
  • Wilkinson discusses her years-old sex tape coming to light and the effect it had on her current relationship with Hank, leading to one bad fight where she says she drunkenly hit him.
  • She makes a compelling case for the added pressure of the tabloids in a marriage. During the sex-tape scandal, she says a reporter bought the plane seat next to Baskett and peppered him with questions the entire flight.
  • Dancing Drama! Behind the scenes, her dance partner Louis wasn’t very nice, calling her dyslexic, learning-disabled and ADD.
  • Most married couples wait until at least six weeks after birth to start having sex, Hank and I lasted thirty days.”
Kendra is Kendra, for better or for worse. The book is definitely written in Kendra’s straightforward, no BS voice and it’s full of her opinions on everything from texting and driving (absolutely not!) to the importance of date night. But kudos to Kendra for opening up about her life — I definitely felt like I got the whole story. Any fans out there who are planning on picking up a copy?

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