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Abby West
September 20, 2011 AT 10:30 PM EDT


How do you feel about that headline? Are you so happy, you want to break out into song, or so angry, you just want to break something? Well, no matter how you feel, EW is here to serve your Glee needs. Sometime after the show, all my fellow Gleeks can log on to read my regular recap of the premiere to discuss what’s going on at McKinley High now that our little singers are starting another year and another run at the Nationals. (I’m personally a little excited to see Sue’s bid for Congress and all the insanity that will come from that, not to mention Mercedes’ new beau — yes, I said beau.)

But if you’ve groaned at every Glee headline this summer (and boy, were there a few) or are just waiting to unleash your latest rant  carefully crafted argument about how Glee is contributing to the downfall of society, join Keith Staskiewicz back here on PopWatch tomorrow for the first of his weekly meetings of the Diss-a-Glee Club. It’s always nice to meet with like-minded folk. Until then, you can watch tonight’s season premiere with us on our new second-screen app,’s ViEWer. Just click here to try it out. Do it!

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