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'Batman: Year One' clip: Iconic graphic novel gets the animated treatment

Batman: Year One doesn’t tend to get as much attention from outside comic-fan circles as Frank Miller’s other iconic Caped Crusader romp, The Dark Knight Returns. But Year One – which cross-cuts between Bruce Wayne’s early days as Batman and Jim Gordon’s arrival in Gotham City – has aged much better than Returns, thanks to David Mazzucchelli’s noir-perfect art and Miller’s pre-bananas ability to weave together terse realism and outlandish melodrama. So expectations are high for the animated adaptation of Year One, which hits DVD and On Demand in October. Iconic Bat-voice Kevin Conroy won’t be participating – the role will be played by Southland/The OC star Ben McKenzie – but I’m more stoked about the participation of Bryan Cranston (as Gordon) and Katee Sackhoff (as Gordon’s extra-marital crush Sarah Essen). Check out a clip from the film below:

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